Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the name WearABible come from?

The name WearABible is a combination of Wearable + Bible = WearABible.

What makes WearABible so special?

At WearABible we feel that we accomplished a tremendous feat to be able to capture the entire Bible on a nano chip and to pair that with beautiful and well-designed jewelry. We feel that it is both unique and uplifting to be able to wear a fashionable jewelry piece, while - more importantly - carrying the ENTIRE Holy Bible with/on you wherever you may go.

Which Bible is in WearABible Jewelry?

Our Bible (aka the Nano Bible) includes all 27 books of the Bible written in Greek. Our Bible is the Textus Receptus (Latin: “received text”), the name given to the succession of printed Greek texts of the New Testament. The Greek version was the source of the original Biblical translation and the base for all later translations. It is considered the most ancient and accurate version of the New Testament.

How much of the Bible does the chip include?

WearABible jewelry includes the entire New Testament or Bible. By printing the Bible on a 5mm x 5mm nano chip, we are able to deliver meaningful and affordable pieces of jewelry, which allow you to take the Holy Scripture with you wherever you go.

Where can I get WearABible jewelry?

Currently, WearABible is only available through our online store, but we are hoping to be sold in retail outlets and churches throughout the United States very soon.

What is WearABible doing to give back?

WearABible jewelry are religious items, and therefore we feel that it is important to "do good" and give back. As such, we are following the Testament's orders to tithe (give 10% to charity) and will do so for each and every sale we make.

WearABible is proud to give 10% of all proceeds to our active duty troops and veterans organizations, as well as other non-profits. If you know of a great US military or other charity, please shoot your idea our way. We will aim to give our monthly tithe, or 10% donation, to organizations that our customers suggest & feel passionate about. 

We will be giving 10% of monthly sales to a different non-profit each month.

What is the WearABible jewelry made out of?

WearABible jewelry is made from brass and rhodium, with some pieces layered with Sterling Silver or Yellow or White 14K Gold. We of course aim to please, and therefore fully disclose what each piece is made of and list all materials.



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