Our Story

WearABible Jewelry Started When...

We discovered the world's smallest Bible (which we put in each piece of our jewelry) and decided that it would be an incredible feat to be able to carry the Lord's word wherever we went. We then set out on a mission to design unique jewelry - but with the challenge of putting the Nano Bible into each piece - that would allow us to wear the Bible near our hearts and carry this important message with us always. 

We figured we'd make a few pieces for our friends and family. Once we saw people's reactions & friends of friends started asking for our WearABible jewelry, we decided to launch WearABible. This way we could share our vision and very personal goal of carrying God's word wherever we go. 

When someone asks "what are you wearing?" or says "wow, your jewelry is cool, but what makes it different" it becomes a conversation that leads to talking about our good Lord and the miracles He performs for us each and every day. 

Thanks for visiting our store!

- Debbie and Daniella



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